Eric Peterson from TESTAMENT talks to Rock Overdose 20/06/2012   16:06



TESTAMENT’s guitarist Eric Peterson, talked yesterday (June 20th 2012), with Zisis Petkanas of the Greek zine Rock Overdose about the news of the band. Below, you can read what he said among others:


About the new video clip:
“We are working on a video right now… actually we start tomorrow. It’s gonna be for the song “Native Blood”. We’re gonna film it in an Indian reservation. It’s about people who were oppressed in life. We haven’t done one (video) in a while, so we’re kind of excited about that.”

About Paul Bostaph’s injure:
“Paul Bostaph got injured about a year and a half ago and he was ordered by his doctor to stop playing for a while and it just kept taking a lot of time. We needed to get started for the record and Paul told us to start without him, but it kept going further and further and we ended getting a drummer for the record. We found Gene Hoglan who played with us in the “Demonic” album.”

About the different versions of the new album:
“We are planning to have a special release for the new album with 3 covers that we did: “Animal Magnetism” by SCORPIONS, “Dragon Attack” by QUEEN, “Powerslave” by IRON MAIDEN and we have also a song in an extended version. The song is called “Throne of Thorns”. Also there will be a DVD with the making of “Dark Roots of Earth” album.”

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