Rotting Christ: Revealed the release date and more details about the new album! 08/10/2012   20:10


Sakis Tolis, leader of the mighty Greek extreme metallers, Rotting Christ, talked to Zisis Petkanas and Rock Overdose, and revealed more infos about the new album and its sound.

Read the chat below... Sakis, I welcome you to Rock Overdose once again.

Sakis: Hi dude. Would you like to tell us the line up of the band, with which you record your new album? From what we know some major changes were made...

Sakis:Changes were made indeed, something I will refer to later, but the album was recorded entirely by me, except of course the drums which were taken care of by my brother. The young guys in the band are ready to be thrown into the battle soon. You announced very recently that the recordings of your new studio album are coming to an end and that is probably going to be the darkest, most mysterious and occult score in the history of the band! Tell us please, when exactly will the recordings be completed and what part is still left?

Sakis:It's almost finished and what remains is the mix, which will be done in Sweden this time and in particular by Jens Borgen (Amon Amarth, Paradise Lost, Katatonia, Opeth etc etc). From what I feel it's going to be the most dark and mystical thing we recorded since a long time. I hope not to disappoint you. Can you give us a song title at least or in case you have thought of a possible title for the album?

Sakis:If I tell you that I have not yet come up with one what would you say? The title of a song is something very important for me that takes a lot of time, something that I did not have because I had to take care of the entire recording of the album by myself as well as the composition, which traveled my thoughts for over a year. I battled with myself greatly in order to end up where I am, including the "dowry" the last albums have left us . When will it be released and by which label?

Sakis:February 2013. Will there be any guests?

Sakis:Yes, but not from the metal world. Don't let it scare you... the album is going to be more Metal than ever! What is the sound of the new album like? Back to the roots, modernized, something special that we have not heard from you so far? Please talk to us about it because people are agonizing.

Sakis:Definitely something refreshed. We have proved all these years that the reason we release an album is because we have to say something new to the world. Otherwise our discography would be over long time ago. So we are dealing with a Rotting Christ album that will bring the band at least one step forward in terms of composition and always faithfully within the limits of Rotting Christ.


Till its release...