Gus G: Working on his first solo album & back catalog re-issues by Firewind! 27/11/2012   16:11


The acclaimed heavy metal guitarist GUS G (OZZY / Firewind) revealed on an interview with Rock Overdose and Zissis Petkanas that he is collecting ideas and writing demos in order to release his first solo album, since he believes that it is the right time to do it. Also, there will be singers participating in the album, apart from the instrumental tracks that it will include. Finally he said that he hopes to release it in 2013, if everything goes well.

As far as
Firewind news are concerned, Gus stated that apart from the live album to be released from the tour, with the support of their label and the celebration of Firewind's ten year anniversary, there will be several campaigns in 2013, various re-releases of bonus material, while there are also discussions for a box set, but without him giving away any further detail.

You will have the chance to read the complete interview with Gus G through the pages of Rock Overdose soon..