ADRIAN ERLANDSSON (PARADISE LOST, AT THE GATES) on Rock Overdose: "I like them all for different reasons" 10/01/2013   21:01


Paradise Lost, At the gates, Vallenfyre, Nemhain, Brujeria, Cradle Of Filth, The Haunted... Got chocked with all this awesomness? One man gets to have it all in his bio and he's none other than Swedish drummer Adrian Erlandsson (yes Daniel from Arch Enemy is his little brother)!  So many things to ask, so little time... Enjoy the nice chit chat Adrian had with Rock Overdose on the interview below!

 Hello Adrian, welcome to Rock Overdose! So, you played with Brujeria in Athens not long ago?

Adrian: Hi Zisis how are you doing? My brother Daniel covered for me on the last European tour for Brujeria, including the gig in Athens.
It was difficult for me to do the tour due to Paradise Lost being in South America. Do you find it challenging participating in so many known and different bands?
Adrian: Most for the time it's fine, even when the bands play on the same day at a festival. At Metalcamp Slovenia last year I played a full set with Paradise Lost then 15 min break followed by a full At The Gates set. That was tiring. Other than that it's very cool and I really enjoy it. Which one do you consider your favorite?
Adrian: I don't want to choose, I like them all for different reasons. How are things in the Paradise Lost camp doing?
Adrian: Things are great we did alot of gigs last year in support for Tragic Idol and everyone was pretty tired at the end of the year but now we are planning the 25 year anniversary which is this year.
It should be exciting both for the band and the fans. What effect did "Tragic Idol" have on you?

Adrian:  I had a great time recording it, even though I had a hand injury after a fall. We have had a great time touring for the album and playing the songs live has been great.
I'm very proud to finally have done a studio album with one of my favourite bands. Your best song of the album?

Adrian:  I like them all but my favorites are probably, Solitary One, Worth Fighting For and The Glorious End. Was it a goal since you were young with your brother Daniel for both to be in world acclaimed acts playing the drums or it just... happened?

Adrian:  It really just happened, I guess it is pretty rare. But I started playing first and he later got into it since we had a kit at home.
My brother is a great drummer and I'm very proud of him. How does is it feel playing in the same band with your wife? Family business?

Adrian:  Playing in the same band as Amber is great it combines my two favorite things in life, my wife and my drums. So all around win win!!
We are working on our second album at the moment and looking to record it in March. Now The Haunted looks like splitting up, after Peter left with much bitterness I would say. Did you see that coming?

Adrian:  No I had no idea. Future plans for At The Gates?

Adrian:  We are having a great time playing together and are doing some more gigs this year. No plans for any new recordings though. Thank you very much for this nice chat Adrian, wish you all the best. Would you like to say something to our readers?
Adrian: Thanks very much for the inteview!! I look forward to coming back to Greece at some point this year with either Paradise Lost, At the gates, Vallenfyre or Nemhain.

All the best

For Zisis Petkanas, Stella Tsolakou