GAMMA RAY: And the new album will be called.... 21/02/2013   16:02


....Empire Of The Undead ! ! !

As exclusively revealed by great Kai Hansen, in an interview on Rock Overdose and which yoy will be able to read in a few days.

So this is how  the new album by Gamma Ray will be entitled, which is expected to be released by the end of this year or the beginning (January, if there is eventually a short delay) of 2014.

This delay, if any, will be due to the Hellish Rock Tour Part II with Helloween, which will be launched on February 28, while still remains unknown the time it will end, because of new dates added constantly. On 9 and 10 March and expect to see them in Greece.

Legendary Kai Hansen, says: "the new album will be very strong and heavy, fast and full of energy, and there are also some experiments we've tried. The two new songs that will be featured in the Master Of Confusion EP, which will be released on March 15 and will be the forerunner of the new album, will be included in Empire Of The Undead and will be indicative of its sound direction, and will probably include a ballad as well."

As for what will happen after the release of Empire Of The Undead, Kai announces that it will be Unisonic's turn.

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Dimitris "Maiden" Bakoulas