Chris Von Rohr (Krokus): It has to end with our heads up high! 02/03/2013   00:03


Chris Von Rohr, the frontman of Swiss legends Krokus, conducted an interview with Fotis Prassas of the Greek zine Rock Overdose, about the band’s new album “Dirty Dynamites”, their plans for the future and many more.

Between others, Von Rohr said that the new album was partly recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios, in which music legends as The Beatles recorded some of their best albums. “The trip in Abbey Road Studios, is something that I will remember until the day I die”, Von Rohr said and continued by saying that in the next 2 years, the band will definitely release a live album, as the current band’s lineup is the best and strongest ever. “It’s very simple. One day, Fernando (Von Arb, band’s guitarist) and me were sitting and talking somewhere in 2007 and we agreed that we cannot end Krokus the way it was going at the time. We have to end it with something strong, with the best songs ever, with the strongest lineup! It has to end with our heads up high!”

According to Chris Von Rohr, “Dirty Dynamites”, is their best album since 1984’s “Headhunter”.

Their come back album “Hoodoo”, was released in 2010 and reached No. 1 at the Swiss music charts and No. 9 at the Greek charts.

Their new album “Dirty Dynamites”  is expected by the band to reach No. 1 in Germany and Switzerland.


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