DAVE LOMBARDO: Announcement for the new singer of GRIP INC. 11/04/2013   01:04


Dave Lombardo (ex-SLAYER, PHILM, PHANTOMAS), in a recent interview with Rock Overdose’s Zisis Petkanas, talked about his bands. Talking about PHILM, he said that this is his main band now and it’s not just a project of his.

Regarding the issue that came up with SLAYER and their upcoming appearance in Greece, he said that he would like to be with the band, but at the moment he doesn’t know how things will evolve, so all he can do is wait and see.

Also he talked about GRIP INC. He said that he and Waldemar Sorychta, wanted to revive the band and maybe release a new album. A tour is for sure in their future plans. Also he announced that the new singer is Casey Chaos from AMEN.

You can read more in the complete interview, which will be posted in the following days.


PHILM will appear in Greece for 2 live shows, on April 20th and 21st in Second Skin Club in Athens.


For RockOverdose.gr: Nick Yngve