DAVE LOMBARDO @ Rock Overdose:I have the dream of doing a Grip Inc./PHILM tour & play in both bands! 18/04/2013   14:04


An interview with one of the best drummers of the world is always interesting, especially when we have to do with DAVE LOMBARDO, who is going to visit Greece with his band PHILM, for two live shows in this April.  We couldn't avoid asking though if there is still a chance to see him also with SLAYER, in their planned for the 1st of July show in Athens, as well as whether he is thinking of bringing back from the dead another historical band,Grip Inc. 

Read below what he shared with Rock Overdose and Zisis Petkanas! 



RockOverdose.gr: Hi, Dave, and welcome once again to Rockoverdose.gr. How are you these days?

D. Lombardo: I’m doing great, how about yourself?


RockOverdose.gr:  First of all, let’s begin with your band, PHILM. PHILM are in a way active for a couple of years now. Are they merely a side project or do they have the status to be a normal band?

D. Lombardo: No, this is my band. It’s not a side project. A side project would be, you know, something like what I just did for a movie called "House Of Shock", that was just a small little side project that I did, where I got together with other musicians, we just created the music for a movie, and that was it. This is a band, a band that tends to enjoy their time with each other, we go and have something to eat, have a coffee, we’re touring together. This year’s tour is one of the biggest we did as a band, so we are pretty excited. 


RockOverdose.gr: How would you describe PHILM music, in comparison to your previous works?

D. Lombardo: PHILM music is like a crash between punk and some little bit of metal, but not too much, because I’m playing only a single bass drum set, a small drum set. What is fun about this band is that the music has a lot of energy, and the energy is very powerful. It’s only a bass player, a guitar and a drummer, but the kind of sound this band produces is very powerful. It’s a mixture between punk and metal, and you can hear a little bit of jazz, a little bit of blues, you hear psychedelic sounds…it’s a little bit of everything, but the main thing it has in common is the power of the heavy side of music, which is something you can’t break away from.


RockOverdose.gr:  Dave, what was the fans reaction on your music? PHILM is a very different thing from what you did with the bands you played with before. What about the fans reaction?

D. Lombardo: The fans reaction is …they don’t know what hit them. It’s like..."wow, I just got hit in the head, I hear powerful music".  From what I’ve heard from people they turn to say that is powerful, they liked it. They wanted to hear some more, and I think they were satisfied. 


RockOverdose.gr: So, we are going to see you live here in Athens for two days this month, and I think I would want to ask you if we are going to see you with Slayer too. They are also going to visit Greece in July the first.

D. Lombardo: I hope to be there, but if I disappoint, I don’t know if I return with Slayer or not.


RockOverdose.gr: Many fans will be disappointed with this, but…you are the one who knows what happened.

D. Lombardo: Yes, I know what happened. I just love my fans so much, and they were so supportive through the years, they have always been there. The concern and sadness to what happened in Australia is more than I ever imagined fans to react. It’s unbelievable. I just love my fans, and I thought to continue playing for them. This is my life. I don’t do anything else. I don’t have a farm with cows, I’m not like that. Music is my passion, and my life, and this is all I do… and the fans to be so nice and kind, I just love them.


RockOverdose.gr: Apart from PHILM and Slayer, you have also been the founding member of another Greece favorite band, Grip Inc. Have you considered to release with them a new material, after the Gus’ death?

D. Lombardo: Actually, the guys from "Fantomas" and myself, we have been talking and we hope to bring Grip Incorporated together again. A few shows, here and there. I believe I found a singer who’s going to help, I think he will fit the position pretty well. His name is Casey Chaos, he’s from the band "Amen”. I hope maybe we will come out with some new material and do some shows. I would like to do some shows with Grip Incorporated again. I believe that we have the dream of doing a Grip Incorporated/PHILM tour, and of course I’ll play in both bands. And hopefully release a new album.


RockOverdose.gr: These news are great. So let’s go back to the live shows of PHILM. We’re going to see you here in Greece, on 20 and 21 of Aprils in Athens, in Second Skin Club. How come you have decided to have two shows here in Greece?  

D. Lombardo: I don’t know, the promoter wanted us to do two shows and I guess they anticipated the first one selling out.


RockOverdose.gr: It seems you have the love of the Greek fans, I suppose. What are you expecting from the Greek fans?

D. Lombardo: Well, from my experience, I’m expecting them to really enjoy music, with the passion they have like I have for music, they love music just as much as I do, so that’s just what I expect. I don’t expect anything else because I know that Greek fans have a lot of passion for music and I feel that PHILM is going to give them all that.


RockOverdose.gr: We are looking forward to this. The shows will be opened by two Greek bands, "Maplerun" and "Tardive Dyskinesia". I don’t know if it happened to hear something from these bands?

D. Lombardo: Yes, I did hear some of their music. I hope I get to see them, we might go in Plaka before the show, having a dinner.


RockOverdose.gr: Why not? What do you thing about the Greek scene? Are you familiar with some of the Greek bands?

D. Lombardo: No, unfortunately I don’t know others bands than the ones who will open the show. It didn’t happen to come across others, so I don’t know much.


RockOverdose.gr: So it’s good to have the opportunity to hear some Greek stuff. Any other news you that would like to announce during this interview?

D. Lombardo: Well…let me think here…oh yeah, it’s sunny here in California! And I think it’s going to be sunny in Athens so I’m looking forward to it, that’s the only news. Oh…and.. North Korea is going to bomb the US, did you hear about that? That’s the only news I have…


RockOverdose.gr: Now, you heard that Greece is in economic crisis, what would be your message to the Greek fans?

D. Lombardo: Economic crisis, I know what that’s like. I lived through some difficult times, in my youth…So, just hold on tight! Just hold on tight and things will pass. With every bad moment, in time will also be something good. So, stay positive and hopeful!


RockOverdose.gr: Dave, I thank you very much for your time and I hope to meet you in our country, this month. I hope everything will be all right, with your family, health and music.

D. Lombardo: It’s the perfect combination there. Everything is great.


RockOverdose.gr: We hope to see you with Slayer again too, because for me, Slayer is not the same without you.

D. Lombardo: Thank you, I appreciate it. Cross our fingers!

Based on Questions by: Kleanthis Papagiannopoulos
English Transcript: Ana - Maria Tranca