Derrick Green (SEPULTURA) on Rock Overdose: "The new album is sounding really sinister, dark, and metal as hell!" 06/05/2013   02:05



Derrick Green (SEPULTURA) gave an interview to Kleanthis Papagiannopoulos and Kostantinos Giannopoulos for the Greek webzine Rock Overdose, about the upcoming new album and more. Below, you can read the whole interview.
 Hi Derrick, welcome to Rock Overdose! InterFace Filmes has launched a crowd-funding campaign to make the long awaited documentary about SEPULTURA’s incredible 30-year journey. How did this initiative start? How is it going and how can the fans support?


Derrick: It started with the director Otavio Juliano being interested in making a movie about the history of the group, where we all are now, and why are we still around.

The idea has been there for some time now and Otavio even went to the Brazilian Govt. to get funding. What they do is they give big tax breaks to company's that invest in Brazilian art projects. We were approved by the Govt. to have this offer of a big tax break for a company to invest in the movie.The problem is there is a prejudice against heavy music and these company's are afraid to have there brand attached to the name Sepultura.
After looking for a long time for investors the idea to use Kickstarter came up and we decided to take it to the fans to help get this movie made.
The best way for fans to get involved is to make a donation starting at $1 and up to help make this film happen.
Fans can also spread the word around the internet to all there friends.
We have a dead line to make all the money which is less then month now. We either make our goal or we don't get any of the money at all. That's the deal with the Kickstarter page.
Fans can go to this link here to be apart of the movie. Be sure to share the link with friends. Your new drummer, Eloy Casagrande, is young. Very young, taking into account that he has to sit in Igor Cavalera’s shoes. What made you decide having him in the band? Did he bring a new fresh air since his coming?

Derrick: Eloy Casagrande is a extremely talented and gifted drummer. The first time having him come to try out for the band we knew that we had to have him. His style is like know of the drummers that we have had and this something that made us interested with working him. He was bringing something new to SEPULTURA that we needed and wanted. The energy, passion, creativity, and heart to destroy the drums every night is not easy to find but he has all this. In December 2012, you took part in the metal cruise “Barge to hell”. How was the experience playing …on board and have the chance to meet all the fans?

Derrick: It was better than I expected. The people and crew of the ship were all extremely cool. I had a great time meeting amazing people who were great fans of music which is something that I can respect being a huge fan myself of music. It would be fun to do it again going to a different destination in the world. "Relentless - The Book Of Sepultura", the band’s biography, is scheduled for publication in late 2013. Can you give us some more clues about this book? Has it been the band’s idea? Will it cover the whole SEPULTURA history?

Derrick: The idea was not the bands idea but I think it makes it more interesting to me to have someone take on such a big story. I'm just as curious about the book as you are. I believe Jason the author will do his best to write a open and clear book for the fans showing a important part of the history of SEPULTURA. At the beginning of the year, it has been confirmed that SEPULTURA 's next album will be produced by Robinson and co-produced by Steve Evetts. Have you started working on the material? How does it sound so far? Do you have any plans for the release date and the title of the record?

Derrick: We have written most of the music already and now we are working on lyrics for the album. We should have everything ready before we hit the studio June 1st.

The album is sounding really sinister, dark, and metal as hell! It's been great working with Eloy in the writing process because it brings a whole different energy to the music. The many changes that have been going on in our lives and in the world also add to the making of the new album. 
We hope to have it released around the end of Oct. / Nov. on Nuclear Blast. It has been confirmed that you will take part once again at Rock in Rio on the 19th of September 2013. Your appearance will be supported by “Les Tambours du Bronx”. Would you like to tell us a few things more for this cooperation? Are you planning to record this session for a DVD release? If yes, for when is its release scheduled?

Derrick: I'm not sure of the DVD release date. The show should be over the top with them it always is. We are all looking forward to it and we have been passing ideas back and forth about the setlist. We are still working it all out but it's coming along very well.

Rock in Rio has done a fantastic job in promoting the festival and I'm sure it will be another historic Rock in Rio.

 Derrick, you have been SEPULTURA’s voice for over 16 years now. Can you share with us the most difficult moments in this period (having in mind that you were asked to replace Max Cavalera) and the best ones?

Derrick: I think the most difficult moments were spread out through the years of being in SEPULTURA. I don't think it's easy to be in any band. It's difficult at times even with your own family which is similar to your band.

At the start it was tough because I didn't know what to expect. It was a lot of work to show people what we believe in what we are doing and who we are through our music.
This transition was not easy but we knew that already.
Changing of labels, managers, was always a pain in the ass.

I think being away from family never get's easy and it is the most difficult thing still to this day. Do you have any plans for summer festivals? Is Greece in your plans?

Derrick: Nothing yet but I would love to come back to Greece anytime. Which is your experience from the RnB Funk band ‘Maximum Headrum’?

Derrick: It's been great! It's a whole different world to learn about and I love music and different styles of music. We plan on doing some touring and we are slowly building a fan base letting people know about our sound. Do you think the loss of Jeff Hanemann is gonna, break the SLAYER, or a new page begins?

Derrick: I think it's a tragic loss but the music and Jeff's inspiration will live on. I think SLAYER will live on. Close this interview the way you wish, saying something to your Greek fans.

Derrick: We look forward to being back to Greece with a new album a new power! Please take part in helping tell the history of SEPULTURA go to our Kickstarter page show your support and spread the news. Thank you all!