MY DYING BRIDE on Rock Overdose: "Writing for the next album has begun already" 11/05/2013   22:05



My Dying Bride is a band, which doesn’t need any recommendations. For over two decades, it has been discomforting our souls with unique, melancholic music. On the occasion of their new EP’s release, “The Manuscript”, Rock Overdose communicated with the guitarist Hamish Hamilton Glencross and below you can read his opinion about a lot of interesting things… Hi Hamish, welcome to Rock Overdose! Is the new ep ready?

Hamish: It certainly is; the artwork looks great, there are samples up on the page, and the response so far to what people have heard has been great. It's out this month and we're really looking forward to hearing people's reaction to it. How is it sound? Is it another classic My Dying Bride album or are there any experimentations this time?

 Hamish: It was written and recorded alongside the last album, so there is an obvious bloodline connecting the EP and the album, but these songs were apparent that they stood outside the realm of the album, and do deserved their own release. There is indeed a range of sounds on the EP; different guitar sounds, even the use of a bit of classical and 12 string guitar, which is indeed something a bit different. I personally liked a lot your last full length, “A Map Of All Our Failures”. What were the reactions of your fans for it?

Hamish: Thank you. It certainly seems to have been received very well. We've really been enjoying the reaction to the songs that we've already been playing live, and we enjoy playing them. In my opinion, the “Map…” was a little different from your previous album, “For Lies I Sire”. I think that in the first one there were more dark and doom elements than the second. “For Lies I Sire” sounds closer to death metal, especially in songs like “A Chapter In Loathing”. Do you agree?

Hamish: Really? Cool, I can certainly see that in regards to that particular song. If anything, we looked to go further into a darker and more doomy sound in the newest one! In five years, you have released six albums, including three EPs, two full lengths and one compilation. Are you planning to continue releasing albums so often, in the future?

Hamish: As long as the inspiration is there, and we have genuinely something to offer, then yes. It has been an incredibly furtive and productive time for the band. Writing for the next album has begun already, even though we don't have any recording or release plans as yet; we still need to release the new EP this month! There are two basic  elements that differentiate your music from any other doom metal band. The first one is the dark, melancholic atmosphere that prevails in your albums. The second is your singer, Aaron. Would you like to tell me how important are these two for your style of music?

Hamish: Incredibly important. It is vital for a band to have their own unique identity, and we're fortunate to have one that naturally works very well for us. Are you listening to any new material? Can you suggest some new bands that you like?

Hamish: I'm not quite as in touch as I used to be, unfortunately! There is so much music out there now! The most recent artists I have really gotten into aren't even that new any more! For instance, "Golden Shroud" by Rose Kemp and "Carving Out The Eyes Of God" are two of my most favourite "newer" albums, and each of those have been out for a while! You are one of the three bands (along with Anathema and Paradise Lost) that in the 90s dominated on the doom metal sound. I would like your opinion according to the new doom metal scene.

Hamish: Again, I'm a little out of touch, and sometimes am unsure as to what gets labelled "doom" these days. I love Blood Ceremony for instance - I think they're great, and certainly have massive elements of doom. Swallow The Sun are great, and of course Paradise Lost are still releasing great doom albums. Aaron still doesn’t like concerts, does he? Are there any plans for a new tour?

Hamish: He seems to tolerate them better these days than in the past. We've got a few festivals lined up this summer, and we would love to do some more touring. Do you remember the last time that you played in Greece? It was three years ago. You played in Athens and Thessaloniki. Were you pleased by the reactions of your Greek fans? Are you planning on touring again here?

Hamish:  I certainly do remember that trip. We've had an amazing time every time we've played in Greece; the fans are amazing, we love the country and the culture, and we have some very special memories from there. In fact, it was in Athens that we had the honour of playing with Metallica, and that's a memory that will stay with me forever. Thank you, for your time!

Hamish: Thank you so much for the interview, and thank you to all the fans in Greece for your continued support. Cheers! 



For Konstantinos “Beast” Dimitropoulos