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The Swedish  Thrash/ Death metal band Darkane released at 28th of June their 6th album. They don’t need many recommendations as they have a great amount of live concerts and a rich discography to accompany them. Rockoverdose contacted Klas Ideberg, the band’s guitarist to share the news.


Rockoverdose  : Welcome to the Rockoverdose. How are you?

Klas Ideberg :  I’m very fine, thanks for asking!

Rockoverdose. : Your new album The Sinister Supremacy has just been released. Tell us a few words about this.

Klas Ideberg : Well, we started the song writing process in 2011. Most songs came to life during the fall of 2011 and spring of 2012. A few songs were made as early as 2009 and 2010. It’s been a long process with the change of vocalist and many other things along the way. But now, when it’s all done we feel very proud of it and I, at least, am very relieved now.

Rockoverdose : How do you feel about this new album.  The final result is what you had expected?

Klas ideberg:    As I told you before we’re all very happy of the final result. I think we all didn’t expect it to be as good as it came out to be. The quality boost definitely came when the vocals was recorded.

Rockoverdose : You have added significant innovations in your style. Do you think that a band have to stay committed in one style or try different things sometimes?

Klas Ideberg : No, I definitely have to say that as a band you shouldn’t stay exactly the same all the time. We strongly believe that you cannot change the style too much, but a decent amount of change is needed to be able to write music and have fun with it, at least I think so. Changing too much wouldn’t be good either because then many would be disappointed.

Rockvoerdose : Your DVD “Layers of Live” it’s the start of a new age for Darkane. What have changed since then? Would you choose to alter some things of the past if you had the chance?

Klas Ideberg :  Well, many things have changed in our personal lives, but for the band the change of vocalist has been the most positive thing and I wouldn’t like too change that for the life of it. This line-up is the original one and the best sounding in my ears. Both Andreas and Jens did a great job as vocalists though.
   If I would have altered some things in the past I would definitely say that we should have employed a booking agent or a manager of some kind working for the band. When it came to touring in “the old days” we didn’t tour that much even though we wanted to because we didn’t anyone working for us (bad career move, haha). But now, when we all have steady jobs and families, we are offered more tours than we ever have before. We all want to tour a lot, but begging our bosses to be off work for 6 weeks isn’t that easy unfortunately, so we have to choose carefully. That was easier when we were younger. So if we would have changed those things in the past we might have been in a different situation now, you know, living of the music and such.

Rockoverdose : You have worked with Bjorn from Soilwork in your early days. What was your experience of this cooperation?

Klas Ideberg : Bjorn was never in the band as a steady member I think. That was actually before I joined the band. But I recorded the very first Darkane demo in a studio where I worked and that was the first time I worked with Bjorn. And then I formed Terror 2000 with him. Bjorn was very professional back then already. So, when I joined the band in March of -98 Bjorn was not in the band anymore. He wanted to focus on Soilwork.

Rockoverdose :What inspired you to become a musician?

Klas Ideberg: Accept and most definitely Metallica.

Rockoverdose : What are your hobbies?

Klas Ideberg : Being a father of two takes some time, but music is still my main hobby and playing video/computer games. I don’t have much time for it though, but occasionally I save the world on the TV-screen, hahaha, and make songs for Darkane or just compose songs that don’t fit Darkane. It’s nice to try to compose other styles/genres of music as well.

Rockoverdose : Have you ever been in Greece for a concert? If no, are you planning to do so?

Klas Ideberg : No, we never have. I definitely hope that we will play in Greece. I’ve been there as a tourist and I loved it. We have been in contact with some organizers but it never happened. The European tours we’ve done have never taken us to Greece unfortunately.

Thanks for interview .The last words yours .

Unfortunately I cannot read Greek, but it seems to be a great website for rock and metal. Darkane wish all readers of rockoverdose and Darkane-fans all the best in Greece. We hope that we see you soon in Greece! Stay metal!



For Rockoverdose.gr: Rafail Pagonis