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Moving on with the bands that trust Rock Overdose for their first broadcast of their song, the German Black Metallers ENDSTILLE are offerring their song "The Refined Nation" for streaming:





ENDSTILLE Kapitulation 2013
Release date: November 8th, 2013 – North America November 12th, 2013
With their eighth full frontal assault "Kapitulation 2013", ENDSTILLE are armed and dangerous again. There is true grit and dirt in their nine original tracks as well as in the cover version of the SODOM classic "Blasphemer" featuring Grave Violator on guitar. "Kapitulation 2013" has everything you expect from German Black Metal and more: furious droning of deliberately monotonous guitars, relentless punishing from the rhythm section and undiluted vocal aggression from the raw throat of frontman Zingultus – formerly of legendary NAGELFAR . Out of these explosive munitions ENDSTILLE construct massive structures and the twisted wreckage of melodies like hulking tanks emerging from the fog of battle. ENDSTILLE have always clearly distanced themselves from any political extremism. Yet they do not shy away from ramming their fingers straight into the still bleeding wounds of their German fatherland. The horrors of war and the evil of totalitarian propaganda are permeating their lyrics. Hailing from the bombed out Baltic coastal city of Kiel as described in their breakthrough album "Endstilles Reich" (2007), the band was founded in the year 2000. They quickly gained a huge underground following in their homeland, growing with each full-length starting with "Operation Wintersturm" (2002) and followed in rapid succession by "Frühlingserwachen" (2003), "Dominanz" (2004) and "Navigator" (2005). After achieving mainstream recognition in all major German Metal magazines, ENDSTILLE cemented their status as their country's leading Black Metal act with the acclaimed albums "Verführer" (2009) and "Infektion 1813" (2011). Now these Germans are once more ready to take on the world with "Kapitulation 2013", combining their strongest aspects. Prepare to surrender!
1. Aborted
2. The Refined Nation
3. Reich an Jugend
4. Sick Heil
5. Blasphemer [Sodom cover]
6. Monotonus 2013
7. Nostalgia
8. Stalin Note
9. KDF 511
10. Endstille (Abschied)
Cruor: Bombenhagel (bass)
Zingultus: Agitator (vocals)
L. Wachtfels: Sturmgeschütz (guitars)
Mayhemic Destructor: Artillerie (drums)