PAUL DI ANNO on Rock Overdose:"Oh god the sound of the first album was fucking awful!" 24/06/2014   16:06


Just one day before his final performance in our country, at Iraklion in Crete, Zisis Petkanas of Rock Overdose had the opportunity to chat with Paul Di Anno. Cheerful and in good spirits, Paul talked about his Greek tour, his future plans and the sound of the first IRON MAIDEN album, which he thinks is quite awful...

Read on to see what he explicitly talked about in his interview with Zisis Petkanas!



RockOverdose: Hello Paul, how are you?
Paul Di Anno: A bit tired but I’m okay, thank you!

RockOverdose: I suppose you have to be really tired but it’s worth it, you must be very happy with this tour.
Paul Di Anno: Yes, fantastic. Greek fans are always amazing and it was really really something else this time! And my promotion team has been fantastic here!

RockOverdose: So, we’ll let you tell us your impressions from the whole Greek tour.
Paul Di Anno: So far it’s been great! I wish there were more concerts to do but unfortunately I have to go back to Germany anyway but yeah it was great, absolutely fantastic! We all worked hard, the band worked hard, the fans are great.. I don’t know what else to tell you..absolutely brilliant!

RockOverdose: And you have a great band to support you!
Paul Di Anno: Yes, Sorrowful Angels are great! Cool friends of mine too, over the last couple of tours we’ve done together. You know it takes a while to get it together, the last tour was okay, this one’s much better.

RockOverdose: Is it true that this is your last tour?
Paul Di Anno: No, no, no, no it’s not!! I’m gonna get my knee fixed up at some point, because it’s absolutely an agony everyday with my bad knee as far as the concerts, but it’s ok cause they don’t wanna fucking see me, they want to hear the voice. But right now I’m making the new album, we’ve got about six tracks released. The band is called Architect To Chaos, it’s a german band and we’re going to do the same thing we do with Sorrowful Angels, but we’ve become a band, it’s not just a project, it’s a band. We just found out we just made the EP Of The Month in Rock Hard magazine, so it’s looking great! So, one’s the album is out we’d be happy to come out on the road and tour around the world again!

RockOverdose: That’s great news! So when will this album be released?
Paul Di Anno: Well, we’re taking our time! There will be two albums released from me next year. One will be the Architect To Chaos album and a new Killers album for the first time in 13 years. So I’m kind of busy at the moment, but while I’m on tour I can’t really write either, sonow I’ll have some time off, I’ll go back to Germany and I’ll be finishing off the rest of the tracks we’ve got, put the lyrics in them. Then we’ll record them and take some time with ourselves this time, and then we’ll send it to the record company. That’s the best way to do it, there’s no fucking around this time, hahaha!

RockOverdose: That’s really cool! What is your opinion about the metal scene nowadays, compared to the older days?
Paul Di Anno: Haha, I don’t really listen too much music and stuff, you know I’m writing right now so I rarely listen to other music. I mean of course there are some great bands still out there, Sepultura, Metallica, Maiden..some new bands too, I don’t really know, they don’t last that long! They come out and after a while they break up. They haven’t got the balls.

RockOverdose: Yes, we could say metal isn’t so strong, so classic nowadays..

Paul Di Anno: Well, we play heavy metal, but there’s always a little bit of hardcore, or punk in there as well. It’s good. They doesn’t all sound the same but it’s okay. I mean, you can find the bands that are worthy and stick in your mind like some of the older bands, bands like Priest and Maiden. But sometimes it’s also difficult.


RockOverdose: Ok. So let’s move to our last question which is a classic one. It’s about the first days with Maiden. What do you recall from that period and do you believe that the sound of those first record was more punk and not so metal?
Paul Di Anno: Haha, that was so many years ago! But yes, absolutely I mean Iron Maiden was always a heavy metal band with a punk kid that was me, but the sound, oh god the sound of the first album was fucking awful. Somebody should re-mix that,  there were some of the best songs on the first album, and on the second one. Somebody should do it because then it will sound even more fantastic with a really good sound behind it. But yes, we were so different from everybody else, that’s what we were. A heavy metal band, playing complicated heavy metal. That was some of the fine changes that happened there. That was it, it was all good!


RockOverdose: Ok so I’m not going to make you more tired!
Paul Di Anno: I’m waiting for the football, haha! Both countries are playing tonight! Greece and England so I’m waiting to see what the fuck is going on! [phone ringing] But anyway that’s my phone ringing there man! Okay, see you again, alright!

RockOverdose: Thank you very much! We hope to see you again in Greece!
Paul Di Anno: Oh you can’t keep me away, I love it here! Thank you! Cheers mate, bye bye!